God’s care and protection

There are only two books in the Bible named for a woman (Esther and Ruth). The book of Esther tells about God’s care and protection during the challenges.
In this book, we read how Haman planned to destroy Jews from the face of the world. But on Chapter 9:1 it was turned to the contrary (ነገሩ ተገለበጠ) the Jews overpowered those who hated them! God used Esther at that time to destroy the evil plan of Haman. Satan has the plan to destroy and to kill. Today we have a new killer, I hardly to mention it’s name. Who knows that God use His church (you and me) to destroy this evil from the face of the world. At the beginning of the story, Esther did not give more attention to the Hama’s evil plan. It does not seem a series thing for those who are in the king’s palace, looks protected by the king. Mordecai awakened or activated her to give attention on the matter to pray and ask the king to deliver her people. Here is what Mordecai said, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (Esther 4:14)”
My advice is that read the whole book of Esther during this quarantine time and I pray that the Holy Spirit help you to understand it’s the message and encourages you.

Stay safe and blessed


Author: Samnas