When We Pray


When We Pray

Pastor Mussie Adafre’s sermon


Matthew 6:7 “And when you pray, …”


God's word instructs Us in this verse to pray. Actually it does not say “if” rather it says, “when you pray”. This instruction is a requirement for the Christian Life. When we pray, we should know, we are reaching out to the Lord that invited us to listen and communicate.


Prayer is a heart-to-heart conversation with the Lord. John 15:15 explains we are called friends with the Lord. If this is true and we are friends with the Lord, then we should talk to God about his and our deepest concerns through prayer. Friendship cannot be acquired without personality knowing the other. It requires closeness, intimacy, and an exchange of heart-to-heart. Prayer is when we tell God about what is in our heart and receive what is in his heart. When God's heart desire dwells in our heart, that is true prayer.


Luke 18:18 teaches us to seek God through prayer day and night without ceasing. One of God's attributes is steadfast therefore he has called us to be steadfast. When we pray, we are hiding ourselves in his presence and work diligently with him. “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58


Prayer is not tied with our advantages or benefits. It is where we spend time with the Lord because we crave his presence out of love instead of our personal gain. When we spend time with God, we gain insight into his will.  His heart’s desires become our heart's desire. knowing him intimately reveals to us his ways are much higher, ultimately leading to exchange our wants for his will.


We have a tendency to look at Prayer as where we submit our concerns and desires to the Lord and tell him how we need him to do this for us. We ought to look at prayer differently, prayer should be where we ask God's will, seek his way and glorify his name regardless of the outcome. God Has given us free will and choices to make. However, if we call God our friend, how do not use our choices to seek him about his heart's desire, his thoughts and how he would want us to respond about the prayer matter. Friendship is an exchange of heart-to-heart, not one sided.


God has not given his glory for our choice. But he will glorify us with him.  What we need most is not the answer to our prayers but God Himself. God doesn’t only look at our want to have our prayers answered, despite our want, he will also look at if the answer is needed at all because our worldly concerns do not compete with his Eternal plan. Let us not forget we are all in his Eternal Plan.


When we pray, we should keep in mind his answers to our prayers are going to be bound with his eternal plan therefore even if our prayers are not answered in a way we hoped, we should be encouraged there is something better according to his everlasting design.




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